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    Hannes Nel

    Oh the games people play now

    Every night and every day now

    Never meaning what they say now

    Never saying what they mean.”

    I was in grade 11 when I heard this song for the first time. Not in my wildest dreams did I realise how true these words probably were back then, and even more so today.

    People have many different agendas with what they write and say – and it can destroy governments and nations. In a way it will probably be the demise of earth.

    People don’t seem to have the guts to speak the truth. They almost always have ulterior motives – sucking up to leaders who should not be, making money, cheating, bribing, you name it.

    And then they often believe themselves, or at least that what they are saying or writing is for the good of others, when it is not.

    It is wrong to support a leader who is corrupt.

    It is wrong to give students a blank cheque when they are supposed to study and write their exams.

    It is wrong to misuse your position to declare a leader on any level wise and in the right when you know that he is not.

    It is wrong to adopt a short-term stance for your personal benefit when it is at the expense of others, especially future generations. I’ve been following articles on global warming on the Internet for more than a decade already. It is shocking how many powerful leaders right across the world have been denying that it even exists, in spite of the fact that the world is falling apart all around us. They don’t care if they destroy the earth, just as long as they make a profit now.

    The same applies to what is happening in South Africa. If you really care about our country and the future of our children, you will have the guts to speak out when you know that leaders are wrong. You need not insult anybody, but you need to point out what is wrong and you need to do your homework before you write or speak.

    And they wile away the hours

    In their ivory towers

    Till they’re covered up with flowers

    In the back of a black limousine.”

    With acknowledgement to Joe South.

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    sylvia hammond

    Dear Hannes,

    Your frustration is clear.  There are a number of issues raised and it will be interesting to see to what issues members respond.

    I’m going to put aside students and South Africa for the moment and respond on climate change.

    During my lifetime I can recall many instances where information has been available to people, who have been in powerful enough positions and had the motivation to withhold it.

    Some of the more egregious ones have been the damage to health caused by: cigarettes, agent orange used in the Vietnam War, pesticides manufactured by apparently the same manufacturer, and of course the carbon emissions.

    The point for me is to ask what do these cover ups have in common?  What drives people to cover up dangers to health and to the environment?

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    Hannes Nel

    Hello Sylvia, I really hope it is not just my frustration. While we wait for others to respond, perhaps you should read the Editor’s View in HR Future (Alan Hosking – “Are you selfish enough to hep address our country’s challenges?”). I would like to mention that we (Mentornet) are most certainly not training anybody for selfish reasons only. Very well, we do need to earn a living. However, more than 90% of our learners are black and they love what we offer them. They trust us and they know that we care for the future of South Africa. I think you should read my mention of the student issue again and from a different angle. Could it be that you don’t trust my motives?

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    Thokozani Absalom

    Dear Hannes Nel I have come to believe over and over again that what is most important to me must be spoken, made verbal and shared, even at the risk of having it bruised or misunderstood.

    Maturity is the ability to think, speak and act your feelings within the bounds of dignity. The measure of your maturity is how spiritual you become during the midst of your frustrations.

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