The best kept secret?

By bernardbotha, 19 May, 2021

The QCTO has quietly launched the 24 Skills Programmes without any fanfare! These programmes were developed in conjunction with the appropriate industries to solve a very specific shortage in the labour market - create a production unit that can fill the gap between the totally unskilled (off the street) worker and an artisan.

These programmes are designed to equip the attendee with sufficient skills to enter the job market and be operational from an early stage. The programmes are designed with the little theory, plenty practical approach to allow the attendee to learn by making mistakes in the training area that could be catastrophic in the workplace.

The Skills Programmes are based on the full occupational Certificates - and are not just a watered down quick in and out course. It allows a person to learn the basics of the trade and earn money without doing the Full Monty.

These programmes do not (as yet?) receive much exposure to the public domain. Implemented in the correct way they can go a long way to solving our huge unemployment issue.

I have made an anaylsis of the 24 programmes based on past experience and knowledge of industry needs.

In most cases the Curriculum Documents are available - this is indicated in the table; but unfortunately some are not published on the website yet


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