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    Have you ever received Assessor and Moderator re-registration within 30 minutes? Most of you will answer no. Well, that was my experience with Shainaaz Rambehary from ETDP SETA this morning. Never ever have I experienced such delightful service, thank you very much.

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    Janelle Gravett

    Wow! I know Shainaaz from years back; didn’t know she was back at the ETDP SETA – but she has always been so efficient and a pleasure to deal with. Is she in the JHB office?

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      Hi Janelle

      An absolute pleasure to deal with. Shainaaz is Durban-based.

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    Ben Ndlovu

    Good day colleagues
    Unfortunately i have not received a Superb service – ETDP SETA i have send an email to ETDP SETA a month ago to register as an Assessor and Moderator no one responded to me .
    Maybe i should try Shainaaz Rambehary can you please give me her email address

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    Hi Ben

    The email address is

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