By clairevanzyl, 8 January, 2018

Hi All,

Please can someone assist me with any information on becoming and/or registering as a non-levy paying member, what is expected or required of your company once you are registered as a non-levy paying member and anything else related to this.

So far the information i have managed to find out is:
A company can register as a non-levy paying member by completing an “NLP” form. They can’t claim Manadatory Grant because the Mandatory Grant works on claiming back levies your company has paid and if no levies are being paid then there is nothing to claim back.

You can however claim Discretionary Grant.

Is there any other information that is important to note and add to this, specifically when it comes to SSETA?
Is this the same across all SETA's?

Any other information that anyone has, please can you share.



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