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    Desiree Fourie

    I work as a SSETA Assessor and Moderator on a freelance basis. I’ve been doing it for 12 years. I am situated in Durban and serve clients around the province. I utilize a courier service, and I’ve been getting more and more online projects lately. My fees are quite competitive, and I provide a wide range of services. Fees are also negotiable depending on volumes and credits as I prefer to charge per credit, but as mentioned I am open to negotiate.
    Bus Admin, Gen Man, NVC, Marketing, Labour Relations, Bus Management, Business Practice, Business Process Outsourcing Contact Centre, LR Practice Dispute, and Training Certificate for Hiring Operations are just a few examples. All in the capacity of Assessor or Moderator.
    I charge a linkage fee for both Assessor and Moderator accreditation.
    I am happy to give references from existing clientele. Because I work from home full-time, my turnaround time is really good. I also moderate QMS reports and Training Material to ensure they are aligned to SSETA criteria.
    Should you require service please feel free to chat on WhatsApp 0828911178 or email

    Kind Regards

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