Spam messages & how to avoid

By sylviahammond, 16 April, 2021

Thank you to the members who have alerted me to new spam messages.
First, spammers can be very good at duplicating genuine company sites. Fortunately, usually there will be a tiny error.
Conserve Oil & Gas messages requesting your CV are spam. Skills-universe do not recommend members. Nor do any of the other Portal Publishing sites.
The person with my name – but spelt differently is also spam.
How do they reach you? Via your email address.

I have posted this request previously, and now repeat it.
We do not recommend that you post your email address for people to contact you. You may get the work, but also spam messages.

How to protect your email address?
Click on your name on the right hand to open your profile. Choose edit. Scroll down to email address & you will find the following choices:
Only me,
All members,
My friends.
We recommend you choose ONLY ME, as with all respect, we cannot vouch for our members.
Make any other changes and then remember to scroll to the bottom and click Save.

We do our best to delete suspect applications – virtually daily, but some do very cleverly misrepresent themselves.

Suggested alternatives
Now, we know you find business through skills-universe, and we want to encourage that.
So, if you first invite the member as a friend, and they accept, then you can communicate privately via messages.
Alternatively, for those with sites, direct applications to your website, and have a ”contact me” option.


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