Some Random Friday Thoughts on Marketing

By deonbinneman, 2 October, 2015

In the Bible it says that we should not hide our talents under a bushel. This makes sense. Too many professionals still believe that clients will automatically come to them.

In Marketing there is a concept called the Psychological Ladder of Loyalty, where when asked about certain products certain names pop into your head. Let's do the same about disciplines like OD and Training. Whose names pop into your head?

Name recognition, status, credibility and reputation is like a garden. Unless you weed it, plant seeds, nurture it and water it, it will either flourish or become run over. So it is with Marketing a Practice.

In the book “High Income Consulting" by the late Tom Lambert, the author has the following to say:

 "The so - called window of opportunity is open only briefly as an organisation's priorities change. When a potential client recognizes the need for services which you supply, yours must be the name they know. Your marketing, therefore, must be CONSISTENT and INDIRECT, aimed specifically at making you well known to ALL your prospective clients".

Marketing by definition is a system implying that it should be all of the above. You have to find methods that will work for you in the long term and in the short term, using vehicles ranging from public speaking engagements to suitable audiences to being listed in social media directories. 

As consultants, speakers, and authors, we need to constantly seek ways to expand the reach of our messages and products. In today’s information-rich world we must find ways to reinforce our visibility, to “brand” our expertise, and continually keep ourselves in front of potential customers.

An excellent way to do this is to understand the linkage between writing, speaking, consulting and training and to realize the networking opportunities that arise when you develop these different aspects of packaging and delivering your expertise. Expanding your scope in this way creates a synergy that increases the strength of your efforts—without having to reinvent yourself or your message.

Ask yourself these questions: What is my focus? What are my strengths? Who are my clients? What are my services? Study your markets and your clientele, and examine the ways in which they overlap. Could your expertise in certain issues become a book? Could the book be turned into a program?

Possible streams of income include: Speaking; Consulting; Training; Writing (articles; ghost writing); Products (books; tapes; videos); Assessments.

Tony Robbins in his book “Unlimited Power” speaks of the concept of modelling i.e.” To become successful, you need to model yourself on the knowledge, skills and attitudes of successful people…By role modelling them you can shorten the very expensive learning curve and become successful far quicker yourself.

Researchers in systems thinking speak about leverage points – those small, well-focused actions that can, when used at the right time and in the right place, produce significant, lasting benefits exponentially beyond the effort required to take the action step itself.

Always be on the lookout for linkages, spin-offs, and other applications of products and services. For more information on this read books such as The Ultimate Consultant by Alan Weiss or High-Income Consulting by Tom Lambert.

Social Media is part of a mix. The new way of selling these days is to become part of the conversation. Totally different to ten years ago.

I will explore these topics and others on the 9th October -


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