Soft skills driving organisational performance

By craigwoodward, 11 September, 2009

I'm really interested to hear what HR Directors & indeed business leaders think about the impact of soft skills development on organisational performance.

It seems to me that 'soft skills' are very often seen as non-essential development, as they do not directly contribute to bottom line results (or demonstrate something that has been discussed in other forums here, ROI), especially like now in recessionary times when cost-saving or cost-cutting applies.

My opinion is that this view is detrimental to the recovery and sustainability of the business, because if we invest in peoples development in these times, their willingness and desire to see and effect recovery in the business, will not only benefit the business, but return a positive result far sooner.

I'd really like to hear from Executives, HR professionals and indeed Sales professionals on their take on this subject.



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