By hannesnel, 8 December, 2014

This cannot go on - never in the history of this country has quality assurance of education and training been in such a poor state as now.

We were supposed to have held three graduation ceremonies this year. It turned out impossible to get the ETDP SETA to issue national certificates on time. They either do not issue all the certificates, there are typing errors and other mistakes on the certificates or some of the certificates were not signed – or all of the above.

We postponed the graduation ceremonies until the year ran out and we could no longer postpone. We phoned, sent emails, and even visited the SETA. Nothing worked.

We followed the quality requirements to the letter. We offered good quality learning and used professionally designed and developed learning materials that the ETDP SETA evaluated and approved.

When you arrange and confirm verification visits, you know that chances are good that the verifier will not come on the pre-arranged date. I believe this is because there are not a sufficient number of verifiers. I’ve been told that there currently is only one verifier for approximately 900 learning institutions in Gauteng.

Learner data and results were read into the PLRD electronically as prescribed, even though the “opening windows” procedure mostly does not work.

When, after a year of begging we finally got somebody to speak to us (last week) we were told that they cannot issue the certificates because there is nobody who can sign them. Everybody is already on holiday!

In the end, we decided to hand out the certificates that we did receive as well as our own. We promised to obtain valid certificates for the learners whose certificates are still not available. No wonder the ETDP SETA would not send anybody to hand over the certificates. In fact they did not even reply to our invitation.

We should be allowed to help if the SETAs do not have sufficient capacity to do the work. Learning institutions should be allowed to issue their own certificates, perhaps with SAQA and SETA holograms on them, once the Statements of Results have been received. The holograms will need to be provided in advance, else we will have the same problem as with the issuing of certificates.


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