SLA rate, Assessor and moderator rates and related issues

By dessquire, 7 February, 2014

Over the years since about 2009 there have been many articles and postings related to rates for various services offered by providers in the ODETD field. (Enter Assessor rates in the search box above for more information)

This arose again recently and I would like to pursue the issue a little further.

Service level agreements are signed between providers for a range of services where we can be of assistance to each other particularly as assessors and moderators and/or for accreditation purposes.

What do you suggest as guidelines that might be of benefit to all 

  • Should we charge a fee for entering into such an agreement? How much?
  • Should we waive or refund the fee if we are given some business say within a six month period?
  • Should we as a group try to establish some guidelines for assessor and moderator rates?
  • Should the rates vary based on the level of the unit standards involved?  
  • How much should we charge as assessors for a unit standard assessment?
  • How much should we charge to assess a POE consisting of more than one unit standard?
  • How much do we charge for assessing a full qualification at the various levels?
  • How much should we charge to moderate a unit standard assessment?
  • How much should we charge to moderate POE's consisting of more than one unit standard?
  • How much do we charge to moderate full qualifications at the various levels?
  • What should we then charge to conduct RPL on single unit standards?
  • What should we be charging to RPL part qualifications?
  • What should we charge to RPL a full qualification?  

Please note for those who may wish to object to this idea that we do not have the power to enforce anything and I am not suggesting for one minute we even try to. All I am asking for is honest input in the interest of all members. If you are against the ideas then just ignore this and do not even comment. If there are other areas that you feel should be included feel free to add these as my list is not extensive.     



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