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    Lerato Monyatsi

    How do I get discussions and replies of all on skills universe to come to my emails with links like on old platform? I’ve missed so much and everytime I come online I notice a new topic I could have contributed to but it would be delayed.

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    sylvia hammond

    Dear Lerato,
    And I have been missing you!
    On this new site you need to subscribe to what you want to receive.
    So if you have joined a Discussion Group, each group now has its own Forum.
    If you go to the group, you will see Home and Forum.
    If you click on Forum you will find the discussions, and at the top next to the name you will find Subscribe. When you subscribe you will receive the updates.
    If you post a discussion (scroll down to the bottom to see the add a discussion box) then there is a box to tick to receive updates on your discussion.
    Under Quick Links, the 3rd “to view” and the 6th “to read” links you will also find Subscribe options.
    That will get you emails of the posts from headings : 1-2 on the “to view” and 4-5 on the “to read”.
    Then finally, if you click on your name on the top right-hand (or just mouse over it) a drop down menu of all your activity opens and at the bottom is Settings, if you follow that you will see that you can also make sure what you do or don’t want to receive.
    I hope that this helps – hope to see you soon.
    Regards sylvia

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    Lerato Monyatsi

    Thank you so much Sylvia for this informative reply.

    I managed with your help to subscribe on a couple. It took me months of scratching my head and eventually accepting that I’m not as tech savvy as I thought I was and reach out haha.

    Thanks again

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