By sylviahammond, 29 September, 2021

Some time ago, I stopped all advertising of training material on this site. From inception of this site, nobody has caused more trouble, and more complaints than the league of material developers and their agents.
Now I know that this does not apply to all material developers.

This is a private site - we set the rules.
So, to confirm our rules from this date 29.09.2021:
* Do not advertise training material for sale.
* Do not post indicating that you are looking for training material to buy.
* Do not buy material via this site.

* Do not approach me regarding sub-standard material. If it is a quality issue talk to QCTO or Umalusi, or CHE - whichever QC is appropriate.
If it is a fraud issue talk to SAPS.

If you contravene those rules, you will be deleted from the member database.
If you only access this site to obtain contacts to market your material, or to purchase material, then ask me to delete your membership now.


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