Skills Development Facilitator

By simonenaidoo, 17 November, 2018

An opening has become available for an Internal Skills Development Facilitator to analyse the needs of the organisation, develop and compile a suitable skills development plan, and ensure that it is followed and properly administrated.

Key Responsibilities:
•Assist in the development of a Workplace Skills Plan
•Submit the Workplace Skills Plan to an external SDF
•Advise on the implementation of the Workplace Skills Plan
•Assist with the obtaining of an Annual Training Report against the approved Workplace Skills Plan
•Function as a contact person between the employer and the relevant SETA
•Communicate and process application for relevant skills development grants
•Keep a record of all relevant training spend i.e. invoices, SLA’s, proposals etc.
•Manage the implementation and completion of Learnerships and Skill programmes
•Keep abreast of all Skills Development Legislative updates and changes
•Provide support to the T&D team when required
•Compiling monthly billing and invoices between finance and the SETA.

Key Requirements:
•BBBEE Consulting
•Skills Development consulting
•Working knowledge of the SETA policy and processes

Technical Knowledge and Qualification Requirements:
•SDF Registered Qualification Certificate
•Knowledge and proven experience in Skills Development Consulting and Implementation
•Knowledge and proven experience in BBBEE Implementation
•Good Interpersonal and Communication Skills
•Professionalism and Confidentiality
•Driver’s License and Own Car


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