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    sylvia hammond

    The B-BBEE Code of Good Practice and the Scorecard elements – especially the skills development element have become more important for some SDFs to keep themselves updated with changes.

    On skills-universe we have a Skills Development Facilitators group and also a Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) group.

    I am interested to know how many SDFs are servicing companies where B-BBEE levels are important.
    What sectors are you covering?
    Also how do you keep yourself updated on changes in B-BBEE?

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    Jeniffer Maako

    I am and in broadcasting.

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    malose mofomme

    Good Morning Sylvia,

    My name is Malose Mofomme and I am looking at being SDF in the Telecommunication Sector. Is this the best group to be in to get updates on ATR/WSP. I have established that most companies in the sector are not doing ATR and they do not have SDF.


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      sylvia hammond

      Hi Malose,
      Thanks for posting your question. Yes, you are correct. There are companies and organisations that should be participating – but they don’t – for a number of reasons.
      The best thing for you to do – I think is to click on the Discussion Groups & then in the search box enter SDF – that should bring up Skills Development Facilitators group.
      That will give you a lot of information on what the other SDFs have to say. There are many frustrations with dealing with SETAs. In telecommunications you would fall under the MICT SETA.
      One of the main problems is making contact with the SETAs so if you can form a relationship with the people in the MICTSETA, and get to know their way of doing things – that will help you a lot – to persuade companies to have you as their SDF – and persuade them to participate.
      Please let me know how you get on.

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