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    Bernice Barber

    Good day everyone,

    I am looking for a person who would be well-versed in the field of Skills Development and the current issues impacting on business in this regard. This person will be addressing a group of people from all sectors of business, from small to large enterprises, and in all industries, and will be talking about the full scope of issues that are pertinent currently in this regard.

    If anyone can recommend a person who would suit this event, please feel free to contact me. The event will take place in Gauteng in September 2016. All the SETA’s are being invited to participate in discussions on the day.

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    Maryna Ritter

    my recommendation:   Suzanne Hattingh 083 357 6464   (excellent speaker, very involved, own the T-shirt

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One thought on “Skills Development and the Return on Investment – Speaker required

  • Hannes Nel

    Jip, the shoe size issue is especially problematic. (I am trying to be funny, not sarcastic – you know how cyberspace can warp the meaning of what we write.) Thank you for your mature response to my notes. I would like to be clear about this – I would love to have ten times as many Black facilitators in my training company if only I could find them. Sadly the really good ones are either grabbed by large industries who pay them fantastic salaries which I cannot afford, or they start their own businesses and they succeed as well. That does not mean that the ones that I have are not good, only that I don’t have enough of them. I am more concerned with the large number of people who just hide behind legislation in stead of pulling up their socks and working really hard.

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