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    Thembakazi Matu

    Dear Skills Development Facilitators.

    May you kindly please advise, I want to know how often is the skills audit done?What is the good time to do it, and what are the steps to follow when conducting the skills audit exercise?Please assist.

    Thank you and kind regards,

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    Des Squire

    Skills audits can be done at anytime you choose but if you have not done one recently I would advise doing one before submission of your next WSP (WSS) or EE report. it is a requirement of the EE Act that an audit be completed to establish skills gaps and so on. There are no hard fast rules in terms of how often a skills audit should be completed. Regarding the steps to follow that is another story and one that is too involved to outline here. One word of advise is – try to get as many managers involved in assisting you as possible as this will assist in getting them to co-operate with you going forward. If you need to contact me further feel free to do so.

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