Should we make full names & photos a requirement of membership?

By sylviahammond, 4 June, 2012

A request to all members,

We are very conscious of members' security and some time ago implemented a moderation system where all new members have to be accepted.  We are constantly refusing membership to people who are obviously spammers, and those who are slightly more devious and don't fill in the necessary information - including full name.

Recently some members have posted that they have received spam emails to their external email addresses.  We do not disclose email addresses.  But some members persist in putting their email addresses in their open comments.  The world can view the address - including all  the spammers!  You can avoid this by posting your open comment & then sending your email address via the Inbox messaging system.

However, security is always a concern.  We are making good progress in getting participating members to add their full name & a photo.  Now the questions:

  • should we require a personal  photo before we accept new members?
  • should we delete non-participating members?

All members are invited to comment.

Many thanks



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