Should DHET be encouraging online access to all QCTO SAQA NSA SETA events?

Front Page Looking For… e-Learning Service Providers Should DHET be encouraging online access to all QCTO SAQA NSA SETA events?

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    sylvia hammond

    I received a private message in response to the invitation to an RPL workshop to be held in Gauteng – about the possibility of making this an online course.

    I couldn’t agree more. This is a very hot button for me. I responded on that discussion, but thought many members might not see it, and that it is worth posting separately to this group.

    What is the issue?

    Given the size of South Africa and the number of people, who can’t afford to travel to the big centre, that is Gauteng – because everything seems to take place in Gauteng, we need to argue for far more to be made available online – and more accessible.

    We have a Constitution, which promotes equal and open access to information. Why is it so difficult to find out what is going on? We work in a world of public service bodies, funded by taxpayer money, and we are referred to as stakeholders. So why is the information not made freely available to us?

    The ASDSA have been very successful in ensuring that they do webinar access to events such as their AGM, with recordings of the events available online for those who cannot make the time of the meeting because they are involved in training programmes, or other work commitments. All professional bodies need to take note – and follow this model. An Annual General Meeting is for the total fee-paying membership.

    So I am suggesting that we need to be requesting the DHET to lead by example, and request all the skills developmnt bodies, including the NSA, the QCTO, the SAQA, and all the SETAs, to be implementing open access to information. We need to create more inclusive events providing access to everyone in the stakeholder population – not the privileged few.

    We need to have online access to events, and for those who cannot make it at the time. because they have other working commitments, and need to watch in their own time, we need to have recordings of the events available online.

    The benefit/downside to the bodies, is that the staff will not be required to travel all around the country, incurring travel and accommodation expenses.

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    Mark Pieterse

    I couldn’t agree more, it is absolutely imperative that this is implemented as a matter of urgency

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    Maryna Ritter

    I totally agree with you Sylvia, it will make life easier and less time consuming.

    As external SDF’s we find ourselves to have 2 or 3 workshops at the same time & date. It’s impossible to attend all, yet we require the information.

    Luckily for ASDSA WC, we have really active members who shares information of meetings/workshops/seminar’s etc… as they attend them.

    We cannot thank them enough!

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    John Arnesen

    I think this is such a good idea and there is no reason why it cant be done.

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    sylvia hammond

    Thank you for your comments – and general support.
    The next question – is how do we make it happen?

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