Should Assessors and moderators be registered as Independents?????

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    Des Squire

    As a qualified Assessor and moderator I am entitled to conduct assessment and moderation against the qualifications and or unit standards for which I am registered.

    I believe that as qualified Assessors and Moderators we should be entitled to function and operate independently. We should be in a position to enter into an agreement with providers as we see fit – which is currently the case. No problem so far.

    However if as assessors or moderators we wish to conduct RPL assessment (now here’s the catch) we cannot do so unless we are accredited as providers or we are linked to, or associated with an accredited provider who must register the learner on the NLRD.

    As an assessor or moderator I cannot register a learner on the NLRD for RPL purposes and when I enquired as to how I should do so I was advised I must register as an assessment centre.

    However to register as an assessment centre I was advised as set out below

    SETQAA will be evaluating the application against the following criteria

    Your policies and procedures. Compliance against the SAQA 8 core criteria

    Registered constituent assessor/s and moderator/s for the qualification/s applied for.

    Your RPL assessment tools, internal moderation reports, alignment matrix, assessment guide, assessment strategy and associated documentation.
    Please note that you are required to develop all Assessment and Moderation Instruments and methodologies specific to the required qualification/s i.e. a generic tools, instruments and methodologies are not sufficient.
    The provider is required to indicate the qualification/s they would be assessing and or moderating competency against.

    They then go on to say that the following 8 criteria will be evaluated

    Policy statement: The organisation’s aims, objectives and purposes are spelt out

    QMS: Outline procedures that implement quality management

    Review mechanisms: Outline the ways in which the implementation of policies would be monitored

    Programme delivery: Outline how learning programmes would be developed, delivered and evaluated

    Staff policies: Outline policies and procedures for staff selection, appraisal and development

    Learner policies: Policies and procedures for the selection of learners are outlined, and learners are given guidance and support

    Assessment policies: Outline policies and procedures for forms of assessments that are used and how they are managed

    Management system and policies: Indicate the financial, administrative and physical structures and resources of the organization, as well as procedures of accountability within the organization

    My problem and issue is that Points 4 to 8 confuse me as I do not understand the relevance.

    Point 4 for instance refers to programme delivery. An assessment centre will not be delivering training.

    Point 5 refers to staff selection processes – is that the business of the SETA? Are SETAS going to dictate how we conduct business?

    Point 6 refers to selection of learners – I would assume learners or providers will approach an assessment centre and we would have no choice in selection? Assist where RPL is concerned yes but other than that we would not have the choice.

    Point 9 refers to management and financial administration. This has no bearing on the ability of an organisation to assess learners.

    Once again the requirements appear to refer to accreditation of training providers and not to the very different function of assessment and moderation.

    Perhaps we can get some clarification and clear cut guidelines that refer to the registration of assessment centres alone and that the evaluation process be restricted to appropriate issues.

    Des Squire (Managing member)

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    Hi Des, you have raised an important issue. I have been trying to get more clarity with regard to the registartion of the assessment centers and realised that assessment centers must be linked to the Development Quality Practioners as per the QCTO policies.

    Ian Webster

    My experience of SETAs is that most of what they do is generic.  No one reads the forms before they go out.

    Fill out this form.  The fact that most of it doesn’t apply to what you are requesting is your problem, not theirs.  When I apply for discretionary funding the forms are geared towards training institutions not the ordinary employer training his staff.  I want to bring some youngsters in for work experience.  I fill out the same form (including all Director’s details) that a training institution would complete who wants to train 100 Learners.

    I hope they’re not reading this.  They haven’t approved my funding yet!


    Hi Des, the requirements you describe above are similar to those for Providership and this  is exactly  why, in 2012 despite being an accredited assessor with both SSETA and Fasset I am unable to offer my  training services to potential clients and so, have to find other ways of making a living. There is a “rock solid” template that must be complied with, no exeptions whether they are practically relevant for what you want to offer/ do. Eg. I was asked if I have a “Grievances Room “, Like you, I don’t know what many of the requiremnts are, never mind trying to  comply with them. Red -Tape at its VERY best.

    Tass Schwab

    Hi… I have been trying to get myself registered as an Assessor for the services SETA to no avail despite my experience etc… I keep hitting walls and have given up.Whereas BANKSETA has had no hassles with the same registration. To even be thinking as far as registering as an independent just gives me a headache… Perhaps some advice would go a far way here?

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