Should a business mogul get government funding?

By Anonymous (not verified), 13 August, 2013

A R34 million loan was approved by the National Empowerment Fund to open a high-end boutique store in Joburg.  However the owner, celebrity Khanyi Dhlomo and the transaction are now under scrutiny.

Many are questioning whether a” boutique for the rich” will truly create jobs and further skills development.

Khanyi Dhlomo, a former newscaster holds an MBA from Harvard and started Ndalo Media before venturing into the retail sector. She is considered to be one of Africa’s most successful business women.

Responding to the criticism about her latest venture she told the M&G: "I think that if we want true equality it's not about just allowing people to enter an industry. It's also about allowing people who have been able to get ahead in other industries and maybe want to grow into other industries to be able to do that and that's how we'll get equality and true levelling of the playing field."

Do you believe this venture will further equality?

Should such a successful and established woman like Dhlomo have been granted a loan from an empowerment body?

Is this a suitable use of public resources?


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