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    I have been a training provider for First aid for the past 10 years odd, with the new “seta legislation” the force companies to register with the relevant Seta, thus in this case HWSeta.

    We have literally tried everything to get registered with them and they keep refusing to register based solely on 1) One of the company directors must have undergone a one year course with the HWSeta and 2) Must have a BEE partner.

    The latest one is “We don’t provide accreditation for small courses as First Aid”. So… now what?

    I have literally tried everything, as a result South Africa has failed me and my workers, thus I registered with an American company to be able to continue giving training.

    The DoL are having hissy fits about it, but yet it is “International training” as they want.

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    sylvia hammond

    Hi Gerhardus,
    Thanks for posting your question as a new discussion.

    Just for clarity – as not everyone has this distinction:
    QCTO and SETAs accredit
    DHET registers. Your discussion raises both.

    After following skills development from 2000, I must say one of the most confusing areas is the requirements for accreditation of health-related qualifications and part qualifications, such as First Aid.

    Given how important the area is to worker health and safety, this is problematic.

    However, I know that we have members who do understand this area and will be able to clarify for you – both for accreditation, and registration.

    For members to follow how this discussion has previously developed, this is a link to the conversation, where members sought to clarify the processes. (I suspect it is probably the longest discussion we have ever had.)

    Zebilon Mmekwa

    Hi Gerhardus

    3 years back in 2016, DoL took out a notice regarding the non-registration to individuals and companies doing First Aid as a course to do a full qualification with HWSETA if a member will still be interested in offering the course.

    We were given 2 years bridge to do a qualification with HWSETA and this has been forthcoming as it was just a matter of time to act on the notice.

    By then I could not register myself to do this course mainly for this reason. I am doing freelancing and I did not afford the whole qualification.

    You need a full qualification to register with HWSETA.

    The 1 year stated as their requirement refers to you doing a full qualification.

    Even if you opt for a BEE partner, you’ll still need that qualification.

    I’m so sorry for you Gerhardus, you missed the correspondence.


    sylvia hammond

    Hi Zebilon,
    Thank you so much for your detailed response. I am sorry that you were not able to comply with the requirement for financial reasons.

    But that gives me a response – surely this is what we need to bring to the Minister’s attention.

    It cannot just be a once-off training opportunity from HWSETA – young people are coming up. So what would benefit you – and I am sure there are others – is for the HWSETA to run a qualification that is funded by the SETA.

    Secondly, from what you say, I understand that you earn your living by facilitating – therefore you would need at least a living allowance to support you during the studies – unless it is structured in such a way that you are able to still work and study.

    Ken Annandale

    Gerhard, thanks for raising your frustrations.
    READ this blog article on the topic.
    This matter is being addressed by at a national level.
    Saiosh formed SHASTAC, [Health & Safety Advisory Committee] and we await further meeting with DEL, QCTO and DHET as well as the Chief Inspector’s March deadline with great anticipation.
    If you are a member, you can add your voice to their campaign seeking a solution.
    Best Regards

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