SETA and/or QCTO Accreditation Services

By Marilize.Koen, 6 December, 2018

Are you wanting to extend your scope or become an accredited training provider?

Whilst most companies will be closed during December, QSD Consulting will be open throughout and working hard on getting all your documentation readily available for submission early next year with your SETA and/or QCTO.

What can QSD Consulting offer me as a Training Provider?

QSD Consulting will complete and provide you with the following documentation readily available for accreditation:

- Letter of Intent to QCTO (if your scope falls within SETA and full qualification)
- Design and Development of Quality Management System, including accreditation documentation
- Complete Accreditation Applications
- Submission of documentation to the SETA and/or QCTO
- Site visit attendance and preparation
- ADDITIONAL: Course Content Available for Accreditation Purposes

So why wait; email us today for a quote on [email protected]


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