Services Seta signs MOU with UK FET?!?

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    Marianna Bibbey

    Just saw the latest NEWS on Services Seta,

    They have signed an MOU with a UK Based FET to capacitate 10 local FETs

    – but WHY?

    What could the UK based FET provide better or more

    than a Private FET in partnership with the Public FET locally cannot already provide for?

    IS the Setas in their endeavour to capacitate Pupblic FETs just IGNORING LOCAL resources already accredited by them?



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    Marianna Bibbey

    The Document from the website…

    Tom Ventouris

    I know of many institutions who have a 100% success rate. All of these are based right here in SA with a unique perspective on local culture and challenges. Assuming their success rate is not by chance, they too have a succesful model.

    Interesting that SSETA would choose to ignore the institutions they accredited. Is there something wrong with this SETA’s quality assurance and accreditation process?

    At the risk of being accused of suffering from the “not invented here syndrome”, I do believe that local challenges should be left to local experts, and we certainly do have them.

    Logging off to consider if I have just had my daily dose of humour or frustration.

    If anyone is interested in purchasing some of my imported wines, frozen potjioekos or biltong, contact me.



    Why is everybody confused? It’s much easier to get a kickback from a UK-based organization than an SA one.Somebody’s brother’s cousin lives in the UK now and has swung the deal…    


    Sounds very odd – we need to work locally and improve education here………….

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 31 total)
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One thought on “Services Seta signs MOU with UK FET?!?

  • Sylvia F. Hammond

     Hi Sean, 

    Yes you are right about opportunities to become self reliant.  I’ve copied a report on the pilot projects to do just that. It’s a report by Bua News on the President’s reply to the SONA.  

    “Pilot projects to encourage self reliance among social grant supporters have been set up in some provinces, said President Jacob Zuma.

    President Zuma was responding to questions following last week’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) in Parliament on Thursday. The President was referring to the fact that close to 15 million South Africans receive social grants, 10 million of which are children.

     “By September 2010 in the Northern Cape, 16 976 people had been linked to income generating opportunities, 3 024 in Gauteng as well as 450 women and 182 young people in the Eastern Cape,” Zuma said.

     In the North West province in Bokfontein, 600 social grant beneficiaries have been linked to the local community works scheme programme, while in Dutyini village in the Eastern Cape, 39 women and one man, who are grant beneficiaries, are linked to a number of projects such as candle making.

    “Lessons from these pilot projects will enable better roll out of these programmes around the country. Another key poverty alleviation mechanism directed at children, is the subsidy ranging between R12 and R15 per child per day, for qualifying children from poor households attending Early Childhood Development centres,” explained Zuma.

    Zuma acknowledged that social grants were useful in the alleviation of poverty, but were by no means a substitute for rural development and employment creation.

    “To date, more than 400 000 children receive the subsidy in 16 250 centres registered with the Department of Social Develo

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