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    sue aletta clifford

      Hallo all

      I am having trouble getting the provider application form. I have registered as they said.

      There is no place where you can download this form.

      Can someone advice me or help me please.

      My daughter has her own hair salon and we want to be accredited to do training

      in a couple of unit standards as we are very small still.

      Thank you1

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      marcel samali

        send me an email…………….0825196140

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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      One thought on “service seta provider application form

      • Des Squire

        Without meaning to be offensive – this is again an example of African Time

        The Minister is demonstratin his lack of understanding of how business works. He fails to realise the is a need for planning, time does not matter to him and he thinks businesses can all drop everything at a moments notice. Where is the additional money coming from to pay (double) to those who will have to work on that day? Where are the standards????? Was there consultation????

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