By carien@agricol…, 29 September, 2017

Where can I find the best developers of training material?

We are a new start-up company who recently bought a NQF4 program for a SETA through a consultancy and got burnt badly. Following the receipt of the reviewed modules from the consultant, we found the following:
1) There is a discrepancy in terms of the credits i.e. 139 versus 131. We have tried to apply some logic here as to whether it could be the exclusion of the electives or not. Still doesn’t add up.
2) It is unclear to the learner what the difference is between core and fundamental elements. Much work still needs to be done in this respect to repair the material.
3) A huge amount of the content is directly copy and pasted from websites with no in-text referencing and/or citations of content used. Large portions of text have been taken verbatim from unreferenced sources.
4) There is a lot of out dated data tables in the content (Tables from 2000-2007 are in use) We would insist on far more recent data.
5) There were no outcomes listed.

The content was then revised by the developer and now the revised content is vastly different in volume and level to that which we had originally. It has now reduced to only 128 pages from the previous 254.

To ensure that something like this does not happen again in future how do I go about finding exceptionally good content developers?


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