Seeking registered and accredited Service SETA Assessors and Moderators

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    Yolanda Ngubo

    We are looking for assessor and Moderators for the following qualifications

    • 23655 :National Certificate: Business Administration Level 3   
    • 66249: Further Education & Training Certificate: New Venture Creation Level 4

    Please call us at 012 548 6588 or email to

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    i am interested in assessing/assessing the two qualifications for you – Callistus Zwane

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One thought on “Seeking registered and accredited Service SETA Assessors and Moderators

  • Marie Smith

    Tass, yes, I also prefer to trust clients, especially those with whom I have worked earlier. I have not had problems not being paid at all in the past 5 and a half years, but it is frustrating that some providers hold back for very long periods on the last payment – because their own cash-flow situations. This has often happened and it does hamper one’s own cash flow if more than one client does that. I trust and expect clients to meet their commitments according to what they have agreed to once I have delivered according to my promises. While many providers who have bought substandard materials in the past may be so ‘conditioned’ to receiving poor materials and may not trust what they will be receiving, I have decided to stick to my term of providing non-editable materials (and that does not mean PDF files because anybody can unlock those) for the provider to evaluate and to only make the final editable version available once final payment has been cleared by the bank. That way at least the materials cannot be processed further and be submitted to a SETA while I am waiting for my payments.

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