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Front Page Looking For… Seeking Accreditation Training material or Venue Seeking Help with DHET Registration

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    Henrico Lazenby

    Good Day,

    I need help registering our Training Companies with the DHET. I am new to this and need to understand the process.

    If you are willing to guide me and facilitate the process so I could understand it better, please contact me via email.

    kind regards

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    sylvia hammond

    Good morning & welcome to our community.
    If you click on Discussion Groups, and then look for two groups – Concerned Providers and also Training Service Providers, you will find discussions related to your question.
    Also posting in the discussion groups with the largest number of members is more likely to bring a response to your question.
    When you click on the group, it may ask you to join – click to join and you are automatically a memeber.
    Then look for Subscribe and click on that to receive updates from the group.
    When you scroll down you will reach the boxes to post your questions, also click on the little box to receive emails to receive updates on your post.
    Also use the search boxes to find previous posts.
    Regards sylvia

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