By Tajj13, 4 December, 2017

Hello Team,

I am a accredited assessor/facilitator with Services and W & R SETA for the following qualifications and units standards. I am seeking freelance work. Please contact me via my email [email protected] and cell phone no 0712851124
The qualifications with SERVICESETA are
60269:Generic Management L 5
49648:New Venture Creation ( SMMME)L 2
61755:Business Practice L1
21792:Contact Centre Management L 5
20908:Customer Management L5

13878-Analyse and interpret contact centre reports and statistical data: L6
243266-Align activities of own business unit with others in the retail business: L5
10332-Monitor operations in contact centers: L5
242817-Solve problems, make decisions and implement solutions: L4
263414-Process data using information technology: L4
113924-Apply basic business ethics in a work environment: L2
119668-Manage business operations:L2
242829-Monitor the level of service to a range of customers:L4
116933- Use Graphical User Interface (GUI) based presentation application to create and edit slide presentations: L1
256155-Develop analytical perception:L1
110023-Present information in report format:L4
242810-Manage expenditure against a budget:L4
113780-Enhance service levels in contact centers:L6
10079-Measure and analyze customer service levels:L6
13882-Monitor and maintain quality within contact centers L6

Pending Registration with W & R SETA
5806-National Certificate W & R Operations L 2
63409- National Certificate W & R Operations L 3
254595-Control the flow of information in a business unit L4
11473- Manage individual and team performance L4
114589- Manage Time productivity L4

Many Thanks and Best Regards,


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