Seeking ETDP Stakeholders

By Davidj, 6 August, 2017

Morning all

We have started a NPO and need to find facilitators, assessors and moderators across the different sphere of the skills development landscape, as part of our community development programmes involve ensuring stakeholders acquire the necessary skills and applied competencies.

Firstly I need to develop and implement a training and assessment strategy for the following unit standards that will be a skills programme for the Trustee’s (current and future)

SAQA US 242605 Apply financial knowledge and skill to manage a Trust Fund NQF 5
SAQA US 119141 Establish and manage an inter vivos trust NQF 5
SAQA US 12170 Describe different types of equity based investments (NQF4) (This unit standard expired but is a pre-requisite for US 119141 and therefore needs to be incorporated to ensure compliance)
SAQA US 12164 Demonstrate knowledge and insight of FAIS ACT NQF4
SAQA US 243146 Demonstrate knowledge and insight into provisions relating to Capital Gains Tax
SAQA US 12171 Describe different types of interest bearing investments and compare these to equities (NQF 4)
SAQA US 116597 Manage trust accounts according to relevant Act (NQF 5)

Given that we could not secure a deal with a provider as a joint venture we now need to go it alone and therefore we need develop a database of suitably skilled and experienced

Facilitators, assessors and moderators in the following fields

Project Management (as the overall success of future programmes depends on communities being able to maintain programmes as well as have the skill set to incorporate changes that will be part of the process)

Business acumen skills – financial, marketing, production, administration etc (in particular we need to look at NC: Generic Management ID - 59201)

Arts and crafts but any form of using creative skills in generating an income generating activity including performance arts

Construction skills including but not limited to woodworking skills

Environmental management and awareness

Tourism (The NPO's objective is to facilitate community based tourism activities as means of job creation)

IT skills

ETD Practices in particular early childhood development, Community Development and National Certificate: Youth Development (SAQA ID 57427)

Interested stakeholders can email [email protected]

While I have a good understanding of people with hearing impairments I need some advice on incorporating the various programmes with people with disabilities which is blind as the programmes is linked to empowering people with disabilities as a percentage of beneficiaries

Thank you in advance



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