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    Tania Malan

    Good Day
    I am looking for accreditation material for the following.

    1. SAQA QUAL ID 48874 National Certificate: Business Consulting Practice (Enterprise Resource Planning)

    2. 117707 Apply an understanding of the operational components of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system

    3. 117706 Apply the principles of business transactions within an ERP system

    4. 117709 Demonstrate an understanding of high level business processes within an organisation

    5. 117729 Describe different business systems and their interdependence within an organisation

    6. 117730 Describe the alignment of the business system to the business strategy and objectives

    7. 117718 Navigate and execute transactions within modules of an ERP Solution

    8. 117710 Participate in business process definition and continuous improvement

    9. 117714 Provide feedback from an end-user perspective on the operation of an ERP solution

    10. 117711 Understand the overall concept of an ERP solution

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    Albert Mlambo

    Hi Tania

    please help with your email so i can respond with a quote as per your request. Thank you

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    Des Squire

    you could contact – they are very good. You can say you were referred by me.

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    Good day

    How does one get accredited for First Aid?

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    Albert Mlambo

    Hi Moeketsi

    For First Aid you get your accreditation with HWSETA and you must qualified in as a First Aider and also be a subect matter expect in the field.For more information please email ;



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    Albert Mlambo


    Also a provider needs to be registered for the unit standard with HWSETA.One needs to have DoL registration (Form of a certificate with a CI number). This number should be on the certificates, especially if the individual is appointed as a first aider.Thanks

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