Security of information submitted to SETA

By mariesmith, 31 October, 2016

I have heard a couple of times that training providers claim the quality management systems and training materials they submitted to a SETA for evaluation got "lost" or was "sold" or "handed" to other providers, so I welcomed a particular SETA's intention to protect the security of documents.

When I received a communication to that effect, a few flags went up. For one: In the past, the SETA would not accept the provider's submission of assessor and moderator documents if the provider did not submit originally-certified copies of identity documents and qualifications. That is, scanned or e-mailed copies of certified documents were not acceptable - the stamps and signatures of the Commissioner of Oaths had to original and NOT OLDER than 3 months. I could to some extent understand their stance and the accreditation of two of my clients was delayed by about 6 months because of the strict stance.

Now the SETA has communicated that they will ONLY accept documentation on CD - absolutely no printed documents. When I asked for clarity, I was advised that no printed documentation would be accepted; only documents on a "locked" CD. So, out goes the requirement for originally-certified copies of documents.

Also, any CDs that are not locked by means of a password would not be accepted. I thought this was great for security. Because I have never been an expert on security of data, I asked how I should communicate the password to the SETA because if I sent it on a printed document, anybody could have access to the CD. The response I received: "Password can be communicated via email or it can be written on the CD itself ... Please note we do not accept printed documents, the documents can be scanned and included in the CD."

I must admit, somewhere I am missing something ...


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