SDL for Small Entities

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    Carl Liddle

    Hi there


    Can anyone please assist me, i need to know how do one to apply for a SDL number if your salary bill is not over R500k, is there some sort of voluentry registration one can do, please advise.


    I have several clients that want to partake in the Learnerships and bursary schemes of the seta’s but canbecause of there salary bill dont meet the necessary threshold.


    Please advise

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    sylvia hammond

    Hi Carl,  I’m not sure why you believe that small business cannot participate in Seta projects because they don’t pay SDL.

    Take Foodbev Seta as an example they have an SME grant where the company can apply for up to R30,000 per annum.  Although every Seta will have different policies for implementation, it is one of the goals of the NSDS III that SMME’s, co-operatives, NGOs are supported.  So I would suggest that you contact the relevant Seta to enquire what SMME projects they are currently running.

    There’s also no reason why if they implement a learnership they can’t participate in the SARS benefits at the beginning and conclusion of the learnership.

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