School Leadership, Management & Governance during COVID-19

By sylviahammond, 27 July, 2020

Please see attached:
ALTERNATION Call for papers:
School Leadership, Management and Governance during the Disruptive Time of COVID-19 in Developing Economies.

“WHO declared the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak, caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), to be a pandemic on March 12, 2020. On March 18, 2020, the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization estimated that 107 countries had implemented national school closures related to COVID-19, affecting 862 million children and young people, roughly half the global student population”
(Viner, Russell, Croker, Packer, Ward, Stansfield, Mytton, Bonell & Booy, 2020).

In line with the above declaration, the South African president announced the early closure of South African schools in March (Mhlanga & Moloi, 2020). From the onset there was the general view that this closure was going to have tremendous impact on schools, teachers and students (Almanthari, Maulina & Bruce, 2020) and there is no doubt that it will also have multiple challenges for school leaders and managers (Lancker & Parolin, 2020).

Some further extracts:
"So, COVID-19 can be regarded as a health deprivation and this type of deprivation is bound to render leading for quality teaching and learning a difficult undertaking.

While teaching and learning is at the centre of the education project in South Africa, school leaders, managers and governors are also expected to play a creative and constructive role in managing the anxiety and related social and economic impacts that this pandemic and the closure and challenges related to the opening of schools have come with.

There is therefore, a need to unearth the dimensions of the challenges, the conceptual frameworks, the best practices and the theories and methods of school leadership, management and governance during this unprecedented and disruptive period of COVID-19, especially within a developing context where leaders are already battling to ensure quality
teaching and learning takes place in adverse conditions.

Drawing on the experiences of developing economies, this special issue of Alternation intends to explore the challenges, dimensions, theories and best practices as well as the nature of
meaningful leadership, management and governance of schools in the context of COVID-19.

Contributors are expected to share their empirical and/or theoretical and conceptual research that can advance theories and practices of leadership, management and governance during these challenging times of crises, especially within the developing economic contexts, in this time of COVID-19."

"Below are some of the questions that contributors may align their submissions with, but they may also feel free to develop their own research projects, in light of the above.'

"What theory and practice frameworks can school leadership, management and governance employ to guide best practice during this time of the unprecedented and disruptive challenges emanating from COVID-19?
• What school processes and procedures could school leadership, management and governance deploy to foster accountability, integrity and responsiveness among staff and pupils during times like this?
• What can we learn from other continental and global education systems with regard to constructive and creative responsiveness by school leaderships to staff, pupils, and the parent cohorts, in respect of the education disruptions accompanied COVID-19.
• Which styles of leadership could be deployed to enhance innovative cultures of teaching and learning at school levels and in the education system in general, that are enabling to leadership, management and governance during this time of COVID-19?
• How do varied urban and rural school contexts determine how the nature and quality of school leaderships are conceived and applied during this period of COVID-19?
• Which forms of decentralised education leadership and management structures as well as forms of the devolution of power, could be helpful and enable, or inhibit and counteract, quality and best practices in school leadership, management and governance responses to COVID-19 at school levels?"

For full details of paper submission requirements please see attached.


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