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    Graeme Lategan

    Hi All – LAST YEAR  late we picked up an ad on SKILLS UNIVERSE – for a company EXCEEDSKILLS.

    They were selling OTDEP program at a good rate – naturally we the haste we did not actually check their accreditation and company status – Simply put – you pay – they send an online link – you connect and you have a decent looking site – where you can do the program..The material is real and according to SETA. 

    Alarm bells went off when I picked up that an activity deadline was due – before the preceding tasks –

    It was then that I looked closer and found nothing linking the material to a legitimate provider –

    I have traced them a bit – but addresses are false – numbers dont exists and I even found a Facebook page – which is fake – The material seems to have been purchased and merely resold – since the price is so good – there is no way they could not get a response and cash in…I traced another buyer who has had a few company executives taken in the scam…Apparently the OWNER OF exceedskills- JACO BLOM had a heart attack – but nothing further – FURTHER INVESTIGATIONS have led more to a developing country wide scam involving other people – In one case a person associated with EXCEEDSKILLS was working with a company in CAPE TOWN – he has disappeared – Gone – the company has nothing on him – so they say.

    I have activated some tracers on the company – I will find them – Please send out an ALERT to every member across all groups.  THANKS 

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    I hope you get them Graeme. Keep me updated?

    Cleo Black

    Another group of fly-by-nights preying on clients and using low prices as bait. I do have to encourage training providers who are purchasing material to not be fooled by a low price. Stick with developers who have a proven track record and material that stands up to the accreditation process and don’t be afraid to ask questions before hand!

    Graeme, I would be happy to offer you a discounted rate on the material you are looking for to hopefully minimize your losses. If you could just provide me with the qualification number I will be happy to send you a quote, the curriculum and some samples.

    Cleo Black


    072 037 4134

    Lynel Farrell

    Flippen ********** (oh I am swearing now in 50 different languages) what, agge no man!!  Time to report them, JC1 group – please ensure that this person/company is on radar – will report this to the DHET – let SAQA place these names in the public domain as bogus – I hate seeing this.  Graeme, I am so very sorry – I wish I could take this terrible experience away from you.  A complete loss for words.  Dammit man, why, why, why


    If you find this guy im looking for him. He got me good!!! R5600 he got out of me.

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