SALLR Demo labour law reports

By sylviahammond, 9 May, 2020

Skills-universe members involved in industrial relations will know Van Zyl Rudd (VZR), and Brian van Zyl, who presents the nation-wide series of annual labour labour updates - SALLR - the South Africa Labour Law Reports.

For me, they have been an annual "must attend" event and I have been attending since they started in the 1990s - all but one of them.

The impact of COVID-19 has led to a ground-breaking solution to present these seminars.

This coming week on the 12th and 19th May, Brian will be presenting a demonstration of how they will work. Please see the explanation below and the booking form attached.

"*The Live Demos Explained*

We are moving into a new world and we are taking the lead by utilizing cutting edge technology to present this year’s SALLR Seminar.

Not to be confused with webinars, we are ensuring that your experience is exactly what you are used to; but with a twist – experienced from the comfort of your home or office.

*What you can expect*

Online seminars are a big step. These new tools are daunting and intimidating, and we feel that way too. We are inviting you to be bold with us and share our groundbreaking live demo broadcast with us.

Date: Tuesday
Time: 11am
Duration: 10 to 15mins
Cost: mahala

*And we’ve made it so easy*

Simply download and send us the completed form and we’ll send you your link to access the live broadcast using only your browser. There are no complicated setups, downloads or installations."


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