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    sylvia hammond

    Are you in the Kwa-Zulu Natal area?  Is your company looking for a social responsibility project – or can you help personally?  This is an example of rural people organising to helping each other, but they could do so much more with some outside assistance. Please help, or pass on to others who may be able to help.   

    Lungile Ngcobo contacted us about the following organisation:

    The name of the organization is : LETHUSIZO COMMUNITY PROJECT

    Npo Number                                    : 066-101

    Situated in the rural area of          DUMISA 20km from UMZINTO

    Contact numbers                             : 0733438849 –Mrs EB NGCOBO (Chairperson)

                                                          : 0723406439 –Ms D Cele (Secretary)

                                                          : 0733373197 – Ms Ntokozo Ngongoma Vice (Secretary)

    The organization was registered in 2009, it has never received any assistance with the funding.

    In the meantime they cook for the destitute (buy food with the money from their own pockets)

    Collect clothing from people around and distribute to the poor.

    Help the sick to go to clinics for treatment.

    Kindly see below part of the first page of the organisations constitution for their Objectives:

                                   LETHUSIZO COMMUNITY PROJECT

    1.1          The organization hereby constituted will be called LETHUSIZO COMMUNITY PROJECT

    1              Objectives

                 To establish food banks for the underprivileged.

                 To distribute clothing to orphans and the destitute.

                 To improve quality of life within communities.

                 To develop the poor by encouraging self-help schemes.

                 To offer youth campaigns in skills development, drug abuse and sports.

                 To deal with ECDs.

                 To develop support groups for people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

    Kindly contact one of the office bearers for further information

    Hope you will find this in order. 

    Thanking you in anticipation


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    Sylvia, this sounds interesting and it’s certainly important to feed and clothe the destitute – however, you know the old Japanese proverb.  Is there any economic development activity there?  I’m in process of completing the book  “Banker to the poor” by Mohamed Yunus, what a refreshing alternative to charity!  Unfortunately I am going away in the next couple of days, and don’t live in KZN any more – but SEDA and/or local corporates will have some good ideas for the coordinators of this project.

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    sylvia hammond

    Thanks Catherine.  Yes, I’m starting to understand, first that a large part of assisting is to understand what people have and what they can contribute, and secondly, exactly what the barriers and obstacles are. So far I’m aware of one member who has made direct contact.

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    I am from Victoria West in the Northern Cape.  I would like to know since I am staying in a Rural Town in the Northern Cape, how can this Project help us?  I read it is for the Kwa-Zulu Natal Area, but we are also rural and we also need help.

    In my town we do not have a Soccer Stadium.  If we can have a Soccer Stadium with facilities for accommodation training centre and a swimming pool & Indoor Centre it can create jobs as well as recreational activities for the youth. I am a Soccer coach, but I can also coach Volleyball, Netball, Soccer & Tennis and I also play Handball for the Northern Cape Free State Provincial Team of Correctional Services. 

    The Ubuntu Municipality also need a FET Facility in this town to serve the other town of the Municipality with Higher Education Needs & even ABET, because a lot of people in our Province are Poor and illiterate but they are prepared to do stuff with their hands to earn an income even hard labor.  At this moment there is NO WORK & the majority of our community are unemployed…

    I tried to start an Employment Agency Called Pro-Finish Enterprizes held in my name. At the moment I am rendering services for free informing people & the youth of employment opportunities and creating CV’s but I want to help my people. So my business do not get any income although I am rendering services.  I have internet and printer facilities.

    How can u help the NORTHERN CAPE?

    & Catherine, No offence, but not all people are waiting for handouts…  I know of a lot of people applying every year for jobs, then people from other provinces get the jobs.  Not all poor people want hand outs.  I dont think you can begin to imagine the plight of a poor person. Have U ever been poor in your life?  Judge if you were in their shoes…

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    sylvia hammond

    Hi Nicolene,

    Thank you for your question.  What we are aiming to do is to take information from community projects and feature the information so that individuals who want to help or large companies who want to adopt communities for their corporate social responsibility projects can make contact directly with the community workers.

    So what I would suggest that you do is to put together a description of each project that you mention separately.  Set out the information as much as you can – like the information is given for this project.  They have a name and have registered as a non-profit organisation (NPO), and they have appointed office bearers.

    If you just have an idea about a project then tell us that and what the idea is.  You can then add the information on each one of the projects as a separate discussion in this group.  We would then try to encourage members to give you advice on how to take the various project ideas forward. 

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    Thank you very much for your prompt Response! I cannot imagine how I prayed for help like this?

    It is truely Heaven Sent!  I know that this project could help all Poverty stricken areas like ours where there is no work for hard laborers & training for people with skills but with no Certificates for their trades and even unskilled people and people suffering from AIDS.  One of my contacts also mentioned a place where abused women & children can have a Haven…

    I am very Excited that this Project will be able to help our Community and other Rural Communities

    Thank You very Much for you Passion!!!



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    sylvia hammond

    I have spoken to a client of mine who manufacture Pilani and Pilani Abantwana for those with HIV/Aids.  I understand that these products are available from government clinics and social welfare – as part of the home based care they provide ARVs and the food products.  Can anyone confirm that this is the case and that this happens in the Dumisa area? 

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