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    Jan van Dyk

    Hi all.

    Firstly thanks for approving me on Skills Universe. I have the following qualifications: 

    Higher Certificate in Occupational Directed Education & Training Development Practices

    NQF Level 5 (Training Development Diploma) (ETDP Seta) 2003 – 2004

    Certificate No: TDD 149/29/03 ETQA Learner No: 13740                                          


    National Higher Certificate in Occupational Directed Education & Training Development Practices.      NQF Level 6 (Training Management Diploma) (ETDP Seta) 2004

    Certificate No: TMD 049/18/04 Symbol obtained: B                                                      

    Assessor                                                                                             March 2003

    Moderator                                                                                           March 2004

    Skills Development Facilitator (SDF)                                                     October 2004

    and wants to know how can I do a RPL to help me obtain a degree in Human Resource Development. I am applying for positions but their requirement is a degree. Hope someone can assist me.

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    Hi, again, you would need to approach the CHE institutions. Perhaps UNISA would be a good bet. Perhaps the following may help:

    1 – would they accept you as registered for a degree rather than already having one?

    2 – must the degree be South African?

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