By lucasmalambe, 10 April, 2015

Dear RPL practitioners


Please note SAQA is in the process of documenting RPL success cases. Most of the case studies have been documented but still we are struggling to get candidates or lifelong learners who have been through the RPL for Advanced Standing pathway. If you know anyone that has been through this RPL pathway please contact me.

RPL for advanced standing is when a person has been working at a senior level of his organization for many years. As he/she is holding a bachelors degree he/she is not allowed to enrol for a masters degree in Management (or any degree) as it requires an NQF Level 8 qualification (honours degree or postgraduate diploma). Through an RPL process he/she could be assessed in terms of knowledge gained which could include assessment against the NQF Level 8 descriptors. If successful he could be allowed into the masters study. Another example is of a person without a masters degree who is allowed to read for a Doctorate degree through RPL.


If you know anyone who has been through a similar RPL process please let me know.


My regards,

Lucas Malambe

012 431 5000

[email protected]


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