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    This post is for two reasons – to request SABPP to make conferences more available via online technology, and information for members on the Learning and development conference – in Gauteng. This is my email to Marius Meyer.

    Dear Marius,
    I hope that all is well with you, and congratulations on your recent appointment.

    You will note that I have forwarded an SABPP email to commence this correspondence. I regard the SABPP as the leading human resource management body. You may recall that many years ago I gave you my opinion that so much of what goes wrong in our nation leads back to weak and poor performing HR. I understand that the introduction of HR standards by SABPP serves to counter that situation – if made accessible.

    So much of what the SABPP does is apparently Gauteng based – as if the rest of the country does not exist. As you will know this is a nation where a very small elite command the majority of the economy. Consequently, it is not viable or affordable for the majority to travel to Gauteng. The result is that an elite of private multinational and national corporations dominate – and the public service attend at the expense of taxpayers, and compromise funds available for delivery of public services.

    Consequently, I would like to suggest to you that this situation may be resolved by technology. The technology exists for the SABPP to make conferences available for online attendance and participation, and to record conferences and presentations for later viewing. It is also entirely possible for you to charge for these services – I am not suggesting that they be made freely available. You could still have differential charges for members and non-members.

    I believe that this modus operandi would increase the SABPP exposure, increase membership, increase transparency of SABPP activities, and provide a valuable national service. Therefore, I would appreciate it if you would table this suggestion for discussion at the SABPP Board meetings.

    Finally, as a disclosure, I manage the site of practitioners in learning and development, which is part of Portal Publishing, and I will post this email to the site. However, I do not have any association with – or have any interest in – any companies that provide online conference management.

    Kind regards

    Portal Publishing
    Sylvia Hammond | Consulting Editor
    | Portal Publishing
    | phone: 083 555 5009
    | email:

    29th May 2019

    Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel, Sandton

    The ever changing market, the different generational employees, the demands of the 21st century including the Industry 4.0 all require a paradigm shift in learning. Therefore the Learning and Development strategy and implementation can only remain relevant if all these themes are at the centre. Learning practitioners need to be agile in the design and delivery of learning.

    Learning departments are challenged with having to make learning more fun, fast-paced and relevant. The fourth industrial revolution brings with many opportunities for learning. Question is: how do learning practitioners take advantage of the digital revolution to maximise learning potential?

    SABPP brings you a one-day conference packed with case studies; the conference will focus on the role of technology as an enabler for learning and development. Tap into the great minds of the L & D experts in the country to transform your organisation’s learning department!

    Some of the topics to be discussed include:

    Creating a learning organisation through 4IR;
    Build a High-Impact Learning Experience for Your Modern Workforce;
    From tourist to participant;
    Understanding generations and the style of learning;
    Digital Badging and more

    Cost for attending:
    R1500.00 members excl.VAT
    R2000.00 non-members excl.VAT

    I’ve copied the registration link so this should work – otherwise use the email address:
    For more information contact

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    Verna Appollis

    Thanks for this post Sylvia

    I have recently joined the SABPP and it is quite disheartening to find out that most offerings is JHB based.
    I would certainly be interested in online conferences should this be offered by the SABPP.


    Thank you Verna. Yes it is a good professional body, and everyone needs to be able to benefit equally.

    Kerrin Badham

    Hi Sylvia

    Only seeing this now. I am a member of the SABPP and yes, they do need to move to online meetings. I am a member of the L&D Committee this year and we are pushing for an online conference. I have started a bi-monthly meet-up for L&D practitioners to encourage just that – remote collaboration.

    Let’s hope Covid-19 has pushed us in the right direction.


    Hi Kerrin
    That is excellent news.

    A question that occurs to me – how does the SABPP committee identify L & D practitioners within members?

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