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    Good day, My name is Kedibone Seku. I am looking for 3-5 high school teachers who can help me with my assignment. I am doing my masters and as preparation for research I need to interview 3-5 teachers on their perceptions on learner discipline in schools then write a report on my findings. This exercise is for assignment purposes there the participants will remain anonymous in my report

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    Here are the questions that I would like answered for my assignment:

    1. How has the abolishment of corporal punishment affected learner discipline in schools?
    2. How is discipline managed in your school?
    3. Who decides on disciplinary methods in schools?
    4. What methods of disciplinary measures are used in your schools and which methods do you use in your class
    5. What are you views on alternative disciplinary measures?
    6. Do learners adhere to disciplinary measures? If not how does the school handle that?
    7. What are your challenges in maintaining pupil discipline?
    8. Describe the parental involvement in discipline at your school?
    9. Is discipline essential to effective learning?
    10. Which additional methods can be used to deal with misconduct in schools?





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