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    sylvia hammond

    When I posted the invitation to the Cape Town Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment Conference (B-BBEE), I promised to report back.

    I was able to attend the conference. It was well organised, in pleasant surroundings, with parking, and excellent catering – not the reason to attend but all helps to create a positive impression.

    Then there was the gender representation – another positive impression, and the Programme Director – Ms Nontokozo Nokhwali-Mboyi. I can’t remember coming across anyone, who did a better job chairing a function – she was a delight, efficient, and with a sense of humour.

    OK, so now you know I felt it was a good day – and then there were the skills-universe members who attended – absolutely wonderful to make contact in person. I found it difficult not to nod off during the day – not a comment on the presenters, but my Labrador had woken me up at least 4 times during the night, so I was really sleep-deprived!

    Now the content? It was organised by the B-BBEE Commission, the handouts included a number of leaflets, and a copy of the Act 53 of 2003, amended by 46 of 2013.
    (I will do more detailed reports over the next few weeks on the range of specific issues).

    The Commission presentations were by Ms Thembakazi Dondashe, and Ms Busisiwe Ngwenya, giving a broad overview of the Act, intentions, and requirements.

    A tip: Refer to B-BBEE as Triple B EE.

    The Keynote by Joshua Wolmarans from the WCape Department of Economic Development and Tourism gave indications of how the department is working – and future plans to incorporate small black business into the procurement supply chain.

    There were a number of tables outside the venue – all with relevant information for SMEs, on how to get into the market, how to obtain support and funding, and there were additional relevant presentations:

    Ms Tabisa Twaku presented from South African Revenue Service on requirements for business;
    Mr Marumo Modiba covered the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC);
    From Treasury Ms Leanda Pietersen was assisted by Mr Blom, covering the Central Supplier Database; and
    from dti Dr Tebogo Makube explained the interpretation of local content. (Seems simple until you start thinking about the reality of manufacture, eg, in clothing manufacture, does it affect the % calculation if we don’t manufacture zips in SA, and the zips have to be imported? More details to follow.)

    Mr Vukile Nkabinde from the Dept for Small Business,
    Mr Lionel Archillies from dti, and
    Ms Lindiwe Mdaki & Mr Bongumusa Biyela from the National Empowerment Fund provided details on the masterplan being implemented as part of the national strategy, and the details of funding – loans, grants, incentives – and explaining the differences.

    Ending with Ms Lindiwe Madonsela from the Commission.

    I will post further details, and we were promised the slides – if/when they do arrive, I will share them.

    I say if, because we haven’t received the slides from the Department of Employment & Labour EE Roadshow yet.

    But I have a strong feeling that the Commission is a really efficient organisation, and the slides will arrive.

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    Colette Crichton

    Gosh Sylvia,

    Thanks so much for sharing.
    I do a huge amount of work in this space, and often new/updated information from these type of forums (conferences etc) does not get disseminated.
    New opinions are often discussed with delegates, but those not present end up having to find out by sheer chance!

    I greatly appreciate anything that you will be able to share with us.
    Kind regards – Colette

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      sylvia hammond

      Thank Colette,
      I have not been following this area closely as I am mainly involved in the labour law & skills development areas. But as it now is impinging upon both skills development in the scorecard, and also employment relations with post-skills employment, I decided to follow.

      My comment to one of the Commission members is that the complexity of what has been created is totally mind-blowing, & I do not think appropriate to our nation given our levels of education and numeracy, and variety languages. I suggested that the next time something is gazetted, they focus on simplifying, combining, and reducing – instead of adding further layers of complexity.

      I have tertiary qualifications, including advanced labour law, & am researching at PhD level, English is my home language, & many times reading the requirements I stop & say to myself what the $$%#$%^$%^$%^ does that mean?

      I will be posting on that point as well – and if I may – would like to ask you to clarify understanding for us.

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    Toto Konco

    Thanks Sylvia,

    I also attended the session yesterday, and you covered it beautifully, could’nt have said it any better. It was a fantastic conference, so well organized and informative.

    Take care and keep well.


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      sylvia hammond

      Hi Toto,
      thank you – and I am so sorry that I didn’t meet you in person – if we are at conferences in Cape Town, let’s try and identify each other next time.

      Please also see my reply to Colette because I am going to be posting further articles – please feel free to jump in and comment, and add your opinion.

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    Thabisile Zikalala

    Hi Sylvia

    Thanks for the feedback. I cannot wait to hear more.

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    Maxine Peters

    Thank you, Sylvia and the awaits the information as you progress.

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    Madiniyah Chellan

    Thank you so much for your feedback Sylvia. I so badly wanted to be there but could not find a replacement babysitter last minute. I truly missed out so am very grateful for your report and looking forward to more information…

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      sylvia hammond

      Dear Madiniyah,
      Ok I can understand – I am sorry that I also missed the chance to meet up with you.
      As there clearly is an interest, I will do my best to raise further info – and I know that we do have some experts amongst our members, so I will invite them to contribute.

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