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    Leana Liebenberg

    Can anybody tell me when is the D-date and how the process work for registering with Department of Higher Education?  I understand that all training companies who offer IT End user training to the advance level must register with Dept Education, and no CC’s may register, you need to change to a (PTY) LTD to register with Dept Education?  I need confirmation of this and assistance on how to register with the Dept Education….  Please help, my email:  Your assistance will be appreciated.

    Leana Neethling

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    Dear Leana,

    I do not think the process is that much complicated as we may have the impression before we get involved in it. I did it for my company and it didn’t take that long. Note that this will only happen if you have all the required documentation available.

    First of all, you will make sure that your company has been converted to a (Pty) Ltd.Or if this may seem to take long with Cipro, you may then decide to buy a shelf company and change the name closer to the CC one (this won’t take long as per my experience). Therefore you will need to ensure that you go back to your ETQA (Main SETA) and request that they put the accreditation status under the Pty (Ltd) company [remember that the employees, QMS, Learning tools, etc remain the same except the company legal status changes]. You may call Umalusi to request for the application forms (they take qualification from level 2 up until level 4 – above this you will need to deal with CHE). After you have submitted the forms to Umalusi in Pretoria. While you will be waiting for the feedback from Umalusi, you will need to call the DHET to get the right forms, fill them in and submit them together with some other docs they will request, i.e. ETQA Accreditation Letter, Auditor’s report, Safety Report, ….(Umalusi will send the letter to the DHET and will send you a copy). Hope this will help. If you still some clarity, you are still welcome. My e-mail address is


    Have a wonderful day!

    Leana Liebenberg

    Thanks Zacharia,  this certainly help a lot.  Do you have the contact details for Umalusi and maybe a contact at DHET?  Hope the process is quicker than I think it will be…  I will keep in touch when I need more clarity from you.  Is there a specific due date when all the processes must be finished? Regards Leana


    Basic Steps:

    1. Accreditation with Isett Seta (or relevant Seta)
    2. Registration with Umalusi (NQF Level 1 to 4) –
    3. Registration with DOE –
    4. Registration CHE (Level 5 to 10) –

    These can not be applied for simultaneously.

    The files uploaded are for Umalusi application. 

    Please note each stage costs money, so if you are not 100% ready do not apply or submit – otherwise it will keep getting rejected and you will need to repay…

    I assist companies with this process at a nominal fee, if you want to contract it out, feel free to email me ( for a quote.

    All the best

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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