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    Andrew Friedemann

    Can anyone please help us. Quite a few unit standards we use are due to expire in June. I have contacted CATHSSETA ETQA about getting them re registered, but they say it is now up to the QCTO. I have also contacted SAQA and the QCTO, but no one seems willing to help.

    These unit standards have been in regular use since 2002 with over 500 learners having used them. There is an ongoing demand for them, and unless we can get them re registered a whole lot of people are going to lose training they need for registration as practitioners in their industry.

    I was told by the ETQA that they are unlikly to be re registered as they are not part of a full qualification. We have tried for years to get a full qualification written but as it is a relativly small  industry we have not recieved any support from the SETAs to get this done, BUT the unit standards are vital for the learners even as single units. They were origionally written in 2001/2 as stand alone units for the industry.

    Can anyone explain what we can do to get the process moving?

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    Hi Andrew,

    I have tried to make contact with 7x SETA’s regarding this question with either no response at all or i get a “i don’t know, we will get back to you.” Which of course hasn’t happened either!!!

    As it is, all unit standards across all SETA’s are expiring in June (2 months away) and nobody knows anything as usual!  Most of the SETA websites have never updated anything regarding the QCTO’s development since the initial DoE reports.

    I am getting so many conflicting reports from the same SETA’s so i guess we will have to wait and see what happens. It is not like any of us out here in the education field actually have businesses that rely on this sort of thing now is it !!

    Joe Samuels

    Hi Andrew

    The qualifications and unit standards under the auspices of the QCTO has been extended except for those that will undergo a review and hence be changed. So, I will take it that these standards that you refering to will probably fall within this broad decision. Let me also hasten to say that we are going to do an exercise that will cluster all qualifications and part qualifications so that there will be no space for free standing unit standards that is not a part qualification. The QCTO should be able to deal with this issue. We will, however, keep people informed of the process.

    Joe Samuels

    I wanted to add that there is thus no need to panic!!!

    Andrew Friedemann

    Hi Joe

    Thank you for this reply. When will we know which US’s will be re registered and which not? I have a very real fear as I have discussed this with SAQA on numerous occasions, that if you simply look at SAQA’s statistics, the Units I am referring to have not been used as the achievements have never been sent to you by the Setas, however I have over 1000 learners registered on them of which over 600 have achieved competence so far, BUT these achievements have never been sumbitted to the NLRD by the Seta, even though they should have been according to SAQA.

    The Units I refer to are very much in use and needed and must be re registered. As of June when the exipry date happens, the automated system of registering learners onto Seta databases will no longer allow registration of learners, so this must be resolved in the next month.

    Thanks in advance



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 12 total)
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  • Des Squire

    It will be very interresting to see if a trip to Cuba does in fact take place and what the cost will be. It is time the money being wasted on “Enlightenment trips” be saved and used for the purpose for which it was intended. The denials and lies have stopped and some of the truth has come out – let’s wait for the rest to surface. This is a sad day for education as Mary Metcalf is a force to be reckoned with in education circles and was doing all in her power to bring education back to where it should be.
    Yes, a sad day – but then most days are now sad days where squandering of financial and other resources are concerned.

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