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    Mariekie de Beer

    Good day. Could someone please advise me on the process on how to register as an Assessor/Moderator With Services Seta. I am currently a registered Assessor and Moderator with ETDP Seta.

    Kind regards,

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    Abraham Onyemari

    Hi Marieke,

    The process is lengthy and requires you to register on LMIS. Go to google and type LMIS login on the search bar. It will direct you to a page whereby you will need to create a username and password. After registration, an email will be sent to your your inbox to confirm the registration then you must now fill in profile such as name, address contact details. When done you click on next button. The next page will require you to select either the qualification ID or unit standards that you wish to register. My advice is that you write out all the qualification IDs and unit standards you wish to apply for out on a piece of paper before you start this process. Also print out your CV, and make copies of your Qualifications, Statement of result with ETDP Seta, ID, and transcripts and get them certified by the police. Then scan the certified copies unto your memory stick. As a precaution when you scan your Docs, make sure that they are scanned and saved separately as you will be required to upload those docs one by one.

    So after registering the qualification and unit standards, click on the next button and fill in the details of your qualifications, then work experience, then upload your documents and then click on the apply button.

    An automatic registration number will be created for you while you will receive an email from service helpdesk detailing how long the process will taken. It is usually a month but you can be sorted out within 2 weeks if your Docs are OK. If not you get a feedback indicating what needs to be done.

    I wish you God’s speed. I have had my fair share of registration woes and it wasn’t pretty and absolutely no one was there to guide me.If you encounter any challenges you can email me on or call me on 0712851124.

    Kind Regards,

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