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    As many members find the skills-universe confusing to navigate, I am planning a few changes to hopefully make it easier.
    One of the first things is to reduce the number of Discussion Groups. Currently there are 90 and I would like to reduce this substantially. There are a number of duplications and groups with few members.
    So I will list here the first groups to be deleted. If you have any objections – please reply and tell me what to keep.
    Thanks sylvia
    First round:
    All the regional groups:
    Training providers in Eastern Cape
    Training providers in Mpumalanga.
    There is a general training providers group.
    Then provinces:
    KZN & EC
    Western Cape and
    Tourism & Hospitality as there is a Hospitality & tourism with bigger membership.
    SONA 2018
    SAPTA Gauteng
    Then the Acronym group can be in the downloads section and the OHS Regulations because there is an OHS & Environment group.
    Appreciate any comments.
    Thank you

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    Sonja Le Roux

      Hi Sylvia

      This is a great idea as one gets lost with all the groups.

      On another point. I want to take on all the HWSETA contacts/manager that just don’t do what they are suppose to do when they have to do it . Would you be able to post that I need letters from the providers with the complaint they have with HWSETA, if possible names/departments involved in the complaint.

      I am asking you as you have more followers and contacts on the site than I have. They can mail the letters to me and I will take it further.

      Regards Sonja


        Good idea indeed


        Hi Sonja
        Thanks for your response.

        What I suggest you do – go to dicussion groups – and in the search box put in the word SETA – that will bring up just a few groups. Chose one of them.
        Then post your discussion. To do that – as you will be in the Home page, click on the Forum page.
        First look for the little word Subscribe, click there and that means you will receive updates from the group
        Then scroll down to the bottom of the discussions to the boxes where you can post your request.
        What I will do for you is I will distribute to all the members, so that you are more likely to get a response. But when you post your discussion Click on the little box to receive emails so you will receive alerts for each posting in response to your request.


        Thanks Benjamin. 🙂

      Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 9 total)
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