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    Lynel Farrell

    To all Skills Universe Members:  Here is the draft of questions that will be presented to the CEO of SAQA: Mr Samuels.  If you have anything additional to add, please let me know.  The completed list of questions will be distributed on Friday the 27th June 2014.  Our aim is to get information and clarity regarding the below questions.  The progress will be followed up by me and the outcome will be posted.

    The following questions have been put together thus far which has raised concerns and confusion from the information we have on hand (if any) of the QCTO.  These questions we would like to ask/present to the QCTO and get feedback on:

    • Will the license end date of all the SETAs be re-licensed in 2016?  If so, will this be done by the QCTO?

    • When and how will the QCTO be supporting the accredited providers, registered assessors and registered moderators that fall under various SETAs?

    • Accredited Providers, registered constituent Assessors and Moderators are left in the dark of their future, can the QCTO give some form of input as to what is going to happen to all these individuals that has built their reputation, businesses, skills, income, employment, creating employment, supporting learners and going the extra mile?

    • Does the QCTO intend to merge all the ETQAs into one by 2016?  If so, please can we have a clear explanation of how this will work, how this will be merged, who will be managing this process?

    • Why is the QCTO not accepting any applications for occupational qualifications until September 2014?

    • Will the QCTO register Assessors, Moderators and Verifiers?  If so, when will this be ready and how will this be communicated?  If not, is there a future for all registered constituent Assessors and Moderators?

    • There are 12 registered qualifications as per the QCTO website, not one has been certified as yet, what is the progress regarding the 12 existing qualifications?

      • How many qualifications have been registered thus far?

      • How many qualifications have been re-written up to date?

      • What is the average monthly re-writing in total?

      • What plans does the QCTO have to speed this process up?

      • Can the QCTO publish a monthly report on the progress per qualifications which includes qualifications registered, completed, in progress stage and the anticipated timing of completion?

    • Have the said 12 registered qualifications been piloted in order to test validation, accuracy, fairness, transparency, manageable to assess/judge, workplace practical’s been implemented and streamlined, are they still current, etc?

    • How many SAQA Qualifications are still valid;

      • how many of those qualifications have not been used ever

      • how many of SAQA qualifications have been deleted and may we see this list published?

      • How many SAQA qualifications do we still have that is current and/or re-registered and may we have a list of these?

    • Will the learners be paying fees per 3 phase assessment being theory/practical in the learning environment, workplace assessment (if not employed) and the final summative assessment (exam) at another location?  Bearing in mind that each of the 3 phase components could be far apart from each other, and learners need to travel to 3 different places?

    • If the workplace phase is not possible for a learner to complete, what other areas have been explored to NOT disadvantage the learner in order to complete the qualification?

      • What steps have been taken to obtain the workplace component (given the centrality of employers who must provide the workplace context).

      • What employers/employer associations have been approached and given their commitment to participate?

      • What are the requirements for the log (logbook) of workplace experience?  Is this generic to cater for all workplaces?

    • Will the QCTO be engaging with accredited providers (accredited under all SETAs) to give support and guidance?  If so, how will the QCTO be addressing the accredited providers, registered Assessors, registered Moderators?

    • Have the QCTO engaged with the APPETD, if so, what is the news regarding the progress (if any)?

    • If the license of the SETA does not get re-licensed and there are accredited providers linked to that specific SETA, will they remain accredited until their end date or the end date of enrolment of the SAQA qualifications being offered by them?

    • What is going to happen to the accredited private providers conducting training, assessments, moderation of unit standard based training as well as SAQA Qualifications? (this being learning interventions, conducting the assessment process and the moderation process right through to the verification of the credits).

    • Where will the progress of the learner (what has been done) be captured?  What system is in place?  Will learners be able to sign in or log in themselves in order to see their progress?

    • Some SAQA Qualifications “last date of achievement” reads 2021-06-30, who will be quality assuring these qualifications?  Will they still be verified and approved by the SETAs?  Or will the QCTO delegate this function back to the SETAs?

    • How will the QCTO quality assure the SETAs?

    • Will the QCTO continue with quality assurance as per the SAQA 8 core criteria?

    • Will the QCTO have a similar requirement for a QMS relating to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System for standardisation?

    • Once occupational qualification is completed and submitted to the QCTO, what is the turnaround time indication of the approval by the QCTO?

    • Once an occupational qualification is approved by the QCTO, what is the turnaround time for first implementation (pilot group) to complete and will each qualification be reviewed?  (Annually / Three yearly?)

    • How long (time) will a learner be given from the start of the occupational qualification (3 years, 4 years) until completion?

    • How will a learner be able to see the progress of his/her outstanding progress from an occupational qualification (do they get a certain amount of credits for theory, practical etc)

    • If there are different parties involved in one qualification (development quality partner, assessment quality partner, qualification development partner) – will this team of individuals be the review team (or will the occupational qualifications not be reviewed?)

      • What generic guideline exist regarding the format, content, policies and procedures to streamline a set standard across learning material, assessments, curriculum development, modules (if qualification is able to be broken in specific modules – for instance fundamentals, core and electives)?

    • Is it true that “final exams” will not be marked by registered constituent Assessors?

    • Will these “exams” be moderated and by whom?

    • Will the occupational qualification be verified?  How and by whom? 

      • To what extent will the QCTO screen existing verifiers (please note that there are no registered list of verifiers that is registered with registration numbers),

      • What criteria will be used (set standard) for appointing verifiers on behalf of the QCTO?

    • Who will be tracking the development quality partners (ensuring that the qualification criteria and material is reviewed continuously), training providers (conducting interventions are up to standard) and the assessment partners (are reviewing the “exam” instruments/tools to ensure it is fit for purpose?

    • If the completed/competent rates on the final “exams” per qualification is low, who will be investigating where the problem exist?

    • What will the requirements be of a portfolio of evidence for the exit assessment if the learner applied for recognition of prior learning to that specific occupational qualification?

    • Will the QCTO take in consideration Learnerships for new occupational qualifications as well as skills programmes within an occupational qualification?

    • Will the accreditation requirements for accredited training providers still remain as per the SAQA guidelines for Accredited Providers? Or will the QCTO have additional requirements, if so; will there be support for the Accredited Providers from the QCTO?


    • The QCTO website refers to their Vision and Mission and differ from published  QCTO information – see website “about us” vision and mission against the QCTO Curriculum and Assessment Policy (see page 11) – what is the vision and mission of the QCTO?

    • The OCTO Curriculum and Assessment Policy (downloaded from the QCTO website) reads version 1: adopted 22 June 2011.  Has this Policy been reviewed at all, who is responsible for the updates/additions/reviews?  Where is the non-compliance, appeals, moderation information within this policy to name a few?

      • How will appeals work for learners, training providers, employers, assessment centres?

      • If the above question has a set of processes, and the outcome is not satisfactory, who will be dealing with the appeals at the QCTO?

    • When will the QCTO website have more information and correct information (some SETAs information against AQP and DQP is totally different although same SETA?), some pages do not open etc.

    We are left in the dark.  We want to participate and give input as well as ideas, in order to assist the QCTO (and other councils, if required) as well as SAQA to streamline the new framework.  We have so much to give with the experience we have but feel left behind and forgotten.  We are completely inundated with the progress of the QCTO, new occupational qualifications, rules and regulations, processes and procedures and the way forward which in turn has left us with a negative impression.

    From the moment the news broke about the Quality Council of Trades and Occupations, the actions, information and exposure to progress for the past couple of years has been very little not to mention extremely confusing, disorganised and unclear.  

    We are requesting clarity regarding the above questions.

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    Lynel Farrell

    Dear Providers, Assessors, Moderators and ETD Practitioners, please could you give me some indication of “approval” or any other questions that you would like me to add to the list or even a “yes, that will do”.  I have not received any comments or suggestions on this draft and are not sure if you would like me to go ahead.  I would like to forward this to Mr Samuels this Friday in order to get assistance for everybody.  Your input is very important.

    Des Squire

    Hi Lynel

    I did indicate by a previous comment that you should submit. Unfortunately I have found in the past that when push comes to shove support is sadly lacking. You did a great job getting this discussion this far – it is unfortunate support is not (visibly) there

    Lynel Farrell

    Good Morning Des, I am slightly disappointed in the lack of support, but will submit tomorrow morning.  It would have been more powerful with additional support, as I will give the links of both discussion titles with the list of questions to Mr Samuels.  Maybe we should ask those who are supportive of the questions, to click on the like button?

    Janelle Gravett

    Hi Lynel

    Excellent job – thank for taking the initiative to get this going.

    I fully support you and the list of questions is excellent!


    PS: I didn’t see anything regarding the expiring of Training Provider accreditation coming up in the next 2 years – who will this be affected and how will we get re-accredited?

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