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    Alan Forsyth

    Hello Sylvia

    QCTO download worked, for me, a few moments ago. Also the Facebook link also worked. No mention that I could see of “draft” or “for comment”



    Thanks for alerting me Alan – I will pass on that information to the relevant people who may be about to get the QCTO to remove.

    Neither of the links worked for me this morning. I cannot explain what happens at the QCTO & I certainly can’t document my opinion on a public forum.

    Bernard Botha


    I will be the first to admit that I did not read the report, or even skimmed it. Thanks Lynel for bringing the pertinent pages to light. Paragraph 4 of your reply to Lynel about the Unit Standards not being with us post 2023-06-30 set me thinking as I have always thought this date was cast in stone and will not be amended again as it was in I think 2018. All the historical qualifications were supposed to be phased out or replaced by occupational qualifications by 2020-06-30. The private colleges and the SETA’s set up a huge protest and then the date was moved to 2023-06-30.
    Must admit, I have not seen any notice, official or via the grape vine about this date recently. The private colleges are insisting that they will not phase out the old qualifications soon.
    This raises the issue of how prepared the authorities are to cope with the influx of requests for accreditation from say June 2022 as most if not all of the present accreditation will have reached its sell-by date then.
    As far as the training world is concerned this might be even worse than the fourth COVID 19 wave.


    You know, I think that we should collaborate on creation of a historical time line.
    I have made a note – will follow up.

Viewing 4 posts - 6 through 9 (of 9 total)
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