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    Note: This QCTO Bulletin 1 document is not ready for publication – it is withdrawn as it is still a working document – please see the comment from Colette Tennison below. I am grateful to Colette for contacting me and alerting me to this situation. The document is on both the QCTO Reports page and the QCTO Facebook page.

    This was my original post, which I have not deleted for recording end evidence purposes. Only the attachment has been deleted.
    I will now redistribute & post to Twitter and LinkedIn as previously. I do not share to Facebook.

    The Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) had published the 2020/2021 Research Bulletin No 1.

    The content covers international comparisons on occupational classification systems;qualification development across the National Qualifications Framework (NQF); and the outcome of a QCTO provider online readiness survey.

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    Lynel Farrell

    Hi Sylvia,

    I am curious……………… how many individuals took the time to read this Research Bulletin?

    So much research information given on other countries. Frankly speaking, I don’t care what they are doing, how they are doing it – I want to focus on South Africa, and what we are experiencing and what the issues are within our industry. Proudly South African.

    I skip majority of the pages, and my eyes zoom in from page 98-114. I stop breathing for a bit, close my eyes and hope that this is just a nightmare, and it will all be over with, once I open my eyes again. It did not work.

    I think I will keep my thoughts aside for a bit, and hope that someone will give their input – perhaps it will give me a different view to consider.


    Lynel, now you have made me smile. Yes, I do also believe that we should spend more time on African solutions to African problems and reject all these high-paid consultants from “over-there”.

    Coincidentally, I also scanned through quickly to see what was there, and alighted upon page 97. “Real University of Witwatersrand” – I hold in the highest esteem. So I stopped to read properly.

    p98. A box that says “part-registered qualification”. I think to myself, I think that actually means to say registered part-qualifications. I continue reading the explanation below the box – yes, that is what is actually means to say.

    Then “or a unit standard” but Lynel (who I also hold in high esteem), explained to me that there would no longer be unit standards. Confused.

    I carry on – I have long been interested in skills programmes, because I am firmly of the view that the educationalists do not understand the requirements of industry. “…satisfies the requirements of SAQA”. Make note – I must find out what those requirements are.

    p99 “By 2023, unit standards will be replaced with modules although the unit standard model will still be in use”. Say what!!?

    At that stage I thought – no I have a heavy workload – I’m putting this aside for the weekend. Unfortunately, I have given up alcohol. Maybe I can order some of that alcohol free wine from 60/60.

    So I don’t know what you read in the following pages, but I would suggest that we go page by page, and you can tell me what you understand as your knowledge and experience of this is far greater than mine.

    Colette Tennison

    Hi Sylvia and Lynel

    These are not the final versions of the reports (hence the formatting issues etc.) but are for comment. A final version of the reports is still to be released.



    Hi Colette,
    Thanks for your comment. It does confirm to me why the formatting seemed so odd & not of the standard I would expect. Most especially REAL at Wits for whom I have the highest respect.

    Please see this link on the QCTO website, where you will find the document graphic, but now it appears not to be downloading.


    The document was also posted to the QCTO Facebook page. I have made a printscreen – see attached.

    This is not the first time that there have been issues with documents from the QCTO – issued and then being told that they are not really for publishing yet. Not the first time.

    I have previously suggested that the media standard be adopted and that documents, which are in draft be noted as such via watermarks, and documents, which have an embargo date and time be so noted.

    I believe the appropriate way to manage this is:
    * I will delete the attachment on the initial post, but not this discussion – as it is informative.
    * I will edit and note on that first post that the document is deleted and withdrawn as it is apparently a draft working document. (I would suggest that it is so watermarked.)

    * Finally, I would also suggest that you request the QCTO CEO to ensure that the graphic on the Reports page is removed (even though neither link is now functional), and that the post to Facebook also be entirely deleted.

    * I will now edit and again circulate the amended discussion.

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