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    Hannes Nel

    There is hardly a private provider who does not experience frustration about poor service delivery by quality assurance bodies and I know of many private learning institutions that just gave up and walked away. This is really sad, because in the end it is the students and learners who suffer the most.

    I decided to share my experiences and the hard lessons that I learned with other private providers and also those who would like to accredit as private providers. I actually already did a substantial amount of work on writing a book which deals with the theory of quality assurance as well as how it is used or abused by South African quality assurance bodies and learning institutions. The book will probably be rather voluminous, but I will add an index at the back so that you can use it as a source of reference.

    However, it would be unwise to write only about my experiences and the lessons that I learned. Therefore I invite you to share with me your frustrations with quality assurance bodies, the lessons that you learned and any other experiences that you had from which others can learn. Just make sure that what you write is ethical, valid and accurate. The test is if you would be able to provide evidence in court if you were asked to testify. This does not mean that you will be asked to testify in court, but it will be a deciding factor if I can use your information or not.

    I will also prepare a questionnaire that you can complete, but this will only be to gather data on statistics and so on. Please send me your stories separately by email to mntceo@mentornet.co.za . You may send your stories anonymously if you so prefer, but then it is more likely that I will not be able to use your contributions.

    I am hoping to have the book published before the end of the year and everybody whose contributions I use in the book will receive a free copy.
    Regards, J.P. ( Hannes) Nel, CEO Mentornet (Pty) Ltd

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    Lynel Farrell

    Welcome back Dr Nel, we have been missing your posts and discussions! A very interesting journey. The information that you will be getting from providers would be so interesting to read! Good luck with your book!

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      Hannes Nel

      It is great to be back, Lynel and Nigel. I don’t think I wrote a single article in the last year and perhaps even longer because of this legal case, which lasted three years. Please send me everything you feel can help private providers experience less frustration and agony when applying for accreditation.

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    Nigel Shipston

    Hi Hannes,
    Indeed, welcome back! And a brilliant idea to boot!

    How many horror stories can you accommodate? I have 18 years of continuous frustration which I will happily share with you, and which will withstand the criteria you have set. I will formulate and send to your mail.

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    sylvia hammond

    Dear Hannes,
    It is great to have you back online with us.

    I have shared your article on Twitter and LinkedIn (after first accidentally deleting it and thank you to our technical expert Nathan who managed to recover it for me).

    I hope that you receive a response as I know there are many who would want to share their horror stories with you. Just recently, I had an email from someone who was venting their total frustration – with the Seta and the apparent inability/unwillingness of the QCTO to exert a measure of control over their delegated QAP/AQP entity.

    It will be a valuable publication I am sure.
    Thanks sylvia

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    Des Squire

    It is so nice to see the current minister and the NQF directorate at the DHET are addressing the issue of quality and other NQF related problems. The problems we have experienced have gone on for too long. Good luck with the book and I hope you receive a great response to you request. Great to be in contact again.

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