By bernardbotha, 16 September, 2014

I am busy with an analysis of the availability of training material for the Occupational Certificates.  At present two have been registered, i.e. 91782 Occupational Certificate:  Plumber and 91761 Occupational Certificate:  Electrician

These qualifications have replaced the old unit-standard based qualifications for these two trades (the ones relating to Carpenter and Bricklayer are 'between public comment and registration'.

One could adapt the material from the unit standards to cover the Practical Skill modules and Work Experience modules but the Knowledge modules (which seem to be common to all these qualifications) have a totally new approach. 

While on this subject, any suggestions for a new name for skills courses?  By this I mean a training course in line with the suggested modules.  I am loath to use the term Skills Course as it implies that it is based on selected unit standards - which seems to be on the way out.

My idea is to develop material that will allow an entrant to do say some modules and thus 'qualify' as a plumber's or electrician's mate. 

Bernard Botha


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